Author Devil James’s new book “Eerie Embraces from the Peculiar Purgatory” is a terrorizing and titillating unique tale full of terror and suspense

Author Devil James’s new book “Eerie Embraces from the Peculiar Purgatory” is a terrorizing and titillating unique tale full of terror and suspense

Recent release “Eerie Embraces from the Peculiar Purgatory” from Page Publishing author Devil James is a haunting horror tale uniquely written about an eerie world where one must follow the steps of Devil-James into doom in order to escape. It details a frightful trek into the unforgiving void.

Devil James, a trailblazer and pioneer in his strange writing style and unique art, who grew up in St. Louis, has traveled the world and embraced spirituality as well as being clean and sober, has completed his new book “Eerie Embraces from the Peculiar Purgatory”: a gripping and potent descent into doom.

Author Devil James writes, “There once was a stalking, hazy fog of a lingering sinister feeling of dread that loomed about in a dark cloud of bad vibes during the lonely, gloomy gray days. This creeping, crawling follower of gloom and doom was simply the abyss making its home in mine as a parasitic stain waiting to gaze back into my depressed and defeated, dementia-ridden eyes of confused bewilderment of a haunted person trapped within a haunted house. The kind of bad company felt but not seen, an unwanted guest. Then the lonely and the darkness consumed me, and the unwanted guest became the parasite and I, the host that it now feeds with desperation and keeps me alive on my own hope held down by despair. The unseen but felt watching, peeking eyes that brought the haunting unwanted gift of whispering voices, like a dark, dreary rainy day lingering in the dusty shadows of emptiness.”

Published by Page Publishing, Devil James’s peculiar tale is created for readers to expand their minds. The author wants the reader to face their inner demons and suppressed memories. The way out of wicked worlds of wasted wonder has been covered by thunderclouds, it is a hidden exit. However, the only way to escape is to follow the steps of Devil James into the descent of doom. Perhaps readers will find their own dark demons and release them once they have read this book.

Readers who wish to experience this chilling work can purchase “Eerie Embraces from the Peculiar Purgatory” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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