Author Dr. Vincent Marchesani’s new book “Communicating Science and Managing the Coronavirus Pandemic” is an authoritative guide to effective public health management

Recent release “Communicating Science and Managing the Coronavirus Pandemic” from Page Publishing author Dr. Vincent Marchesani is a fact-based discussion of the nature and realities of viral pandemics and the most effective ways to mitigate their effects on any populace. Dr. Vincent Marchesani, a chemical industry expert with national and international publications, eight copyrights and […]

Author Pierce Waychoff, D.C.’s new book “The Mineral Diet” focuses on the ideal internal environment of the body required for an individual to be healthy

Recent release “The Mineral Diet” from Page Publishing author Pierce Waychoff, D.C. shares that the focus of the mineral diet is on the condition of the body to eliminate symptoms. When the condition of the body is evaluated, this leads to symptom eradication, and not just symptom reduction.

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