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Richard A. Gallo’s newly released “Majoring in the Minors: A Blueprint of Hope” is a compelling exploration of common societal issues faced today

“Majoring in the Minors: A Blueprint of Hope: From a Christian Perspective Overcoming Racism, Injustice, Domestic Violence, and Other Evils” from Christian Faith Publishing author Richard A. Gallo is an encouraging discussion of what society can do to create a more peaceful, accepting world.

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Bertin Mangongo debuts as a published author with the release of ‘This Thing Called Life, Do we learn as we go?’

“Combining these three images of Africa’s struggles, the USA my country and my own family struggles and challenges, I came up with the concept ‘That thing called life’ to illustrate the senseless of life in many circumstances of our journey in the earth from one generation to another. Do we really learn as we go?” the author states.

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