Doctor Shares Her Own Story of Healing To Give Hope to Others on Their Healing Journey

Doctor Shares Her Own Story of Healing To Give Hope to Others on Their Healing Journey

Xulon Press presents a teaching to inspire others to make the right health decisions and break the confines of the Enemy and become stronger in mind, body and spirit.

Author Dr. Katie Carollo provides readers with hope and the know-how to heal the body in order to enjoy life more abundantly in The Hope Diet: 7 Keys To Unlocking Healing In The Last Days ($16.99, paperback, 9781662859649; $26.99, hardcover, 9781662859656; $7.99, e-book, 9781662859663).

For more than twenty years, Dr. Katie Carollo has studied nutrition and health and earned three higher education degrees in the process. After trying almost every diet healing path, she concluded that God wants His followers to enjoy healthy food and not be limited. Carollo cured her own digestive issues including SIBO and constipation, hemorrhoids, acne, menstrual cramps, food sensitivities, fatigue and low mood through nutrition, natural supplements and other holistic techniques. She has been teaching how to live a healthier lifestyle for more than 15 years.

In this riveting book, Carollo shares the good news of healing along with the essential “hope” keys to help readers become free from food limitations and strong in body, mind and soul. She wants all to understand that healthy food from God tastes better than anything one can imagine because it is what all bodies are made to receive.

When asked what inspired the author to write this book, Carollo said, “Earning my Naturopathic Degree and telling my story and other stories of hope. I want to give people hope that I wish I had 10 years ago.”

Dr. Katie Carollo is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, natural health strategist and author. She earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from North Georgia University, and her master’s degree in Nutritional Science from Georgia State University. After graduate school, she focused on raising her two children while starting an essential oil business. As a desire to learn more about her own health ailments and help others, she furthered her education by studying Naturopathic health where she learned to understand the root cause of disease. She earned her Naturopathic Doctor degree after 3 years of intensive studies and 3 years of book writing. Carollo enjoys teaching others about essential oils, dancing and singing to worship music, spending time with her husband and girls, traveling to the Florida Keys and Montana, cooking, eating and talking with her friends and family, painting, reading, organizing, and walking her furry baby golden doodle.


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