Author Aaron Ray Ballard’s new book “All the Monsters Are Here: Thirteen Spooky Tales” is a debut collection of bone-chilling horror stories

Author Aaron Ray Ballard’s new book “All the Monsters Are Here: Thirteen Spooky Tales” is a debut collection of bone-chilling horror stories

Recent release “All the Monsters Are Here: Thirteen Spooky Tales” from Page Publishing author Aaron Ray Ballard is a collection of thirteen terrifying tales that leave readers up all night with the lights on.

Aaron Ray Ballard, who was born and raised in West Texas, has completed his new book “All the Monsters Are Here: Thirteen Spooky Tales”: a collection of thirteen frightening stories that take readers into the darkest depths of the author’s imagination.

Lurking within the pages of these thirteen terrifying tales are the survivors of a zombie apocalypse who only think their darkest, deadliest days are behind them; a sinister werewolf that likes to play with its prey before feasting; a deranged trucker who can’t wait to feed a resourceful young hitchhiker to his cargo; desperate thieves who make the mistake of their lives by holding up the wrong bar; amateur ghost hunters who discover to their horror that true evil exists; and many more.

Author Aaron Ray Ballard produced the independent, Texas-made, cult classic horror film “Circus of the Dead,” spent a little over two decades in advertising, and has been working at a TV news station since 2014. Ever since he was captivated by an episode of “The Twilight Zone” as an impressionable kid, he’s wanted to be a storyteller, whether through writing short stories and screenplays or making films, much like his literary heroes—Stephen King, Rod Serling, and Richard Matheson.

In “Eden,” author Aaron Ray Ballard writes, “The majority of their time on the island was spent living day to day with nothing to do but ensure their continued survival. They fished. They collected coconuts and berries. They ate any island birds they could catch. They tended to all scrapes and cuts as best they could without medicine or even the most basic medical supplies, because infection out here meant certain death. They boiled the water from a running water source found inside a cave deep within the island. They even had a trusty flint rock to start fires that once belonged to a man who had saved them all but had lost his life in the process.”

Published by Page Publishing, Aaron Ray Ballard’s horrifying tales take readers on a nightmarish ride filled with unforgettable twists and turns.

Readers who wish to experience this bone-chilling work can purchase “All the Monsters Are Here: Thirteen Spooky Tales” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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