Author Endy (Endalkachew) Kidanewold’s new book “Healing Wounds of Ethnic Conflicts Through Feet-Washing” is a deep dive into a powerful tool for ending dissension

Author Endy (Endalkachew) Kidanewold’s new book “Healing Wounds of Ethnic Conflicts Through Feet-Washing” is a deep dive into a powerful tool for ending dissension

Recent release “Healing Wounds of Ethnic Conflicts Through Feet-Washing” from Page Publishing author Endy (Endalkachew) Kidanewold explores the historical significance of washing one’s feet as a way of making amends for causing injustice to another. Through his writings, Kidanewold proposes feet-washing can be used as a modern form of atoning for one’s actions.

Endy (Endalkachew) Kidanewold, a family man whose educational backgrounds are theology, business/economics, and psychology and holds a Doctor of Psychology specializing in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from the University of the Rockies, has completed his new book “Healing Wounds of Ethnic Conflicts Through Feet-Washing”: a thought-provoking examination on how an older form of conflict mediation could inspire resolutions to deep cutting conflicts today.

“Ethnic and racial issues require continued awareness, dialogue, and research,” writes Kidanewold. “This book addresses one of the unexplored ways of healing the wounds of ethnic conflicts by using foot washing as a mediation intervention tool for forgiveness and reconciliation. This book is based on a qualitative study with data collected from thirty-five participants through in-depth interviews, focus groups, and participant observations, and the findings are analyzed to build on theories of ethnic conflicts and resolutions.

“The research explores the concepts of the Christian view of ‘the kingdom mind’ and the merits of such a view in light of the dual relationship of ethnic identity self-awareness cohabiting with the spiritual person whose values are of a higher order. To contextualize and grasp the abstract nature of ethnic identity issues, this book uses a case study of ethnolinguistic conflict and reconciliation from the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus/EECMY in Africa. The case study mirrors the sensitive nature of ethnic or racial conflicts throughout the world, and its results could apply to Africa, Asia, Europe, or the Americas. The ethnolinguistic conflict tore apart the ethnically and linguistically diverse church members in Ethiopia, and the hostility between the two main groups aggravated the already-tense ethnic relations in the country. The book describes the serious nature of ethnic identity conflicts but, also, optimistically, highlights foot washing as a dramatic means of reconciliating and transforming damaged relationships in that this example could inspire other reconciliations.”

Published by Page Publishing, Endy (Endalkachew) Kidanewold’s education writings will enlighten readers and show how older forms of conflict resolution can be just as helpful when dealing with more modern disagreements and injustices.

Readers who wish to experience this poignant work can purchase “Healing Wounds of Ethnic Conflicts Through Feet-Washing” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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