New Author Debuts a Book Addressing Parental Influence over Control

New Author Debuts a Book Addressing Parental Influence over Control

Dr. Roger Smith uses professional expertise to help exhausted parents

Dr. Roger Smith has spent his professional career as a physician board certified in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, helping parents raise their children by offering practical advice. His experience and education are the foundation of his new book, “Parenting with Influence: Shifting Your Parenting Style as You and Your Child Grow.”

Dr. Smith structured his book to help frustrated parents, exhausted from conflict with their children. Through a combination of medical training, psychosocial study, and common sense, Dr. Smith helps parents see the difference between necessary and unnecessary struggle when it comes to their growing child.

“For years, I have watched the struggles that parents have had with their pre-teens and teens,” Dr. Smith said. “I realized that, when the commonly used approaches today typically fail, parents just try harder, doing the same things.”

The focus of this book is for readers to discover principles that Dr. Smith has carefully crafted and outlined throughout the book that will renew the relationship parents have with their child and will set them on a path for further success.

Helping parents trade control for influence is the goal of this book, with the end result of a relationship that is fruitful for both parent and child.

“Parents want a good relationship with their children. I want to help them develop an influential relationship that restores smiles in the family,” Dr. Smith said.

“Parenting with Influence: Shifting your Parenting Style as You and Your Child Grow”
By Dr. Roger Smith
ISBN: 9781664263918 (softcover); 9781664263925 (hardcover); 9781664263901 (electronic)
Available at RogerSmithMD.comWestBow Press,Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Dr. Roger Smith has devoted his life to helping families flourish. As a speaker and writer, he draws both from his personal experience raising four children with his wife, Jan, and from his professional experience as a family physician, offering practical advice with a warm, common-sense style. Board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Dr. Smith invests in the lives of others as a parent, a teacher, and “a country doctor who still makes house calls.” To learn more, please visit


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