Gayle Richardson’s and Paula K. Richardson’s new book “Leggy Peggy” is about Peggy Centipede learning to dance and overcoming obstacles along the way

Gayle Richardson’s and Paula K. Richardson’s new book “Leggy Peggy" is about Peggy Centipede learning to dance and overcoming obstacles along the way

Recent release “Leggy Peggy” from Page Publishing author Gayle Richardson and Paula K. Richardson describes how Peggy Centipede observes Clementine practicing her dance steps every night. Peggy decides it looks like fun, and she wants to dance too.

Gayle Richardson and Paula K. Richardson, sisters who love to write, and both are graduates from the Institute of Children’s Literature, have completed their new book “Leggy Peggy”: a beautifully illustrated book that explores how when Peggy mimics Clementine, she feels every move brings some clumsiness and discomfort until…she attends a party on the patio.

Gayle and Paula write, “Clementine practiced her dance moves every night. In the dark, her bedroom came to life as a boom box boomed and a disco ball cast flickering specks of light onto the walls,
floor, and ceiling. Peggy would creep in, eyes bugging, and antennae waving. ‘This looks
like fun,’ she said. ‘Can I dance?’”

Published by Page Publishing, Gayle Richardson’s and Paula K. Richardson’s inspiring book encourages child readers to not be afraid to try new things and put the practice in to learn new skills.

Peggy sticks to it and tries so many new dances. She does not give up even when she can’t learn the moves. Peggy finally finds the perfect dance her body can do.

Readers who wish to experience this fun-filled book can purchase “Leggy Peggy” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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