Author Maxwell O. Thompson-Eleogu’s new book “Africa—The Road to Afro-Modernity” is a thought-provoking product of a select and innovative think tank, NobleAfriq

Author Maxwell O. Thompson-Eleogu’s new book “Africa—The Road to Afro-Modernity” is a thought-provoking product of a select and innovative think tank, NobleAfriq

Maxwell O. Thompson-Eleogu, a native Nigerian who lives and is schooled in the United States of America, has completed his new book “Africa—The Road to Afro-Modernity”: a gripping work that describes the idea that failure of political leadership, lack of good governance, and stunted progress in Africa are not the main problems but symptoms of disintegrated individualism, which is a loss of sense of being.

Author Maxwell O. Thompson-Eleogu discusses his work, writing, “For those seeking to understand the root of Africa’s malady and their inability to grow like the rest of other nations of the world, this book, The Road to Afro-Modernity, serves as an inspiration. Our method is eclectic explorative; this is the approach that seeks to borrow ideas from other cultures that seem suitable to correct the deficiencies that exist in African culture. The eclectic explorative does not mean that we are disruptive to our culture; rather, all cultures are borrowed. This book, The Road to Afro-Modernity, is a transition from our old ancestral communities to Afro-modernity. We can no longer search for our identity and national identity out of the old world of the past. Our old tribal world and the ancestral world are not lost but outgrown. As such, our identity, national identity, and the meaning of who we are cannot be found; rather, they are to be created and achieved.”

Published by Page Publishing, Maxwell O. Thompson-Eleogu’s insightful work serves as a guide for those seeking the answers to the root of the malady of our time in Africa.

Author Maxwell O. Thompson-Eleogu is a distinguished fellow and founder of NobleAfriq Institute, a select and innovative think tank, whose mission and trajectory are that People Matter(s)—remaking society through remaking the people. He was trained in the field of philosophy with special interests in African philosophy, African American philosophy, American pragmatism, continental philosophy, and African mysticism and spirituality. He has a website,

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase “Africa—The Road to Afro-Modernity” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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