In “Greatness: Identifying, Discovering, Cultivating, and Unleashing the Seeds of Greatness Within You,” author Allen Dotson shares actual events and scenarios that occurred in his life. With God as his guide, Dotson could navigate life, discover his place in society and know what he was born to do. Through this faith-filled book, readers will learn the tools to relinquish their fears and uncover their full potential through the unique gifts God has given them.

Over time, Dotson has seen individuals try to define why they are here on Earth or what they are here to do and not knowing their purpose or gift. Once he realized many struggle with this concept, Dotson was inspired to write this book to assist individuals.

“There is a reason why we all have different gifts,” said Dotson. “Someone’s gift may differ from others but that doesn’t mean anyone is less important. It is not easy to tap into but once you do it is amazing what you can accomplish with hope and desire for the greater good.”

“Greatness” has received praise from Amazon reviewers.

“Wow! This book is very inspiring, uplifting knowledgeable, and informative. This book will motivate, instruct the reader on ways to move forward with their life, abilities, and help the reader find their place in society as well as use their abilities for the benefit of themselves and the world. This book is a must read. I gave it a high rating because of it’s application to real life possibilities, and content.” ̶ Amazon Reviewer

“. . .I couldn’t have read this book at a better time in my life! Practical, and knowledgeable & challenging on many levels. . .” ̶ Amazon Reviewer

Regardless of one’s relationship with God, “Greatness” helps to identify, discover, cultivate and unleash the gifts that God has instilled in each individual for the greater good of society. Throughout the book, Dotson discusses the process God goes about to accomplish this. Ultimately, readers will feel inspired to begin their own self-discovery journey.

“Greatness: Identifying, Discovering, Cultivating, and Unleashing the Seeds of Greatness Within You”
By Allen Dotson
ISBN: 9781664225169 (softcover); 9781664225152 (electronic)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and WestBow Press

About the author

Allen Dotson is a Christian author and full-time pastor. He is the founding pastor of the Miracle Center Church in Texas and is also the founder of Fellowship of First Christian Ministries, Inc. Allen oversees the weekly telecast, Be Encourage, that airs Sunday mornings in 56 cities throughout Texas. He received an associate degree in Religion from Liberty University and is currently halfway through his Bachelor of Science degree in Religion from the same university. Allen currently resides in Tyler, Texas.

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