Author J.R. Patrick’s new book “The Enchanted Carousel” tells a stunning story of a young goddess’s mission to create a sanctuary for endangered mythological creatures

Author J.R. Patrick’s new book “The Enchanted Carousel” tells a stunning story of a young goddess's mission to create a sanctuary for endangered mythological creatures

Recent release “The Enchanted Carousel” from Page Publishing author J.R. Patrick brings to life characters of Greek mythology in an inspiring tale that follows young Athena on a quest to save mythological creatures that are going extinct. Attempting to create a sanctuary for them, her jealous stepmother Hera will stop at nothing to prevent her from achieving her goal.

J.R. Patrick, who has held a love of carousels and figurines since childhood, has completed her new book “The Enchanted Carousel”: a riveting story of a journey to rescue endangered creatures and create a safe haven for them.

Patrick writes, “Athena, yes, that one, the goddess of wisdom, courage, justice, and skill, is spoiled and pampered and has a habit of stomping her foot when not getting her way. But what else is expected in a teenager?

“Even at the tender age of thirteen, excuse me, thirteen and four months, Athena sees injustice and cruelty in the human world below as well as her beloved Olympus. Mythological creatures are being treated horribly, and many have already disappeared from existence.

“After discussing her plans with her father, Zeus, Athena and Owl, her constant companion, set out to rescue these poor creatures. She hires the greatest architects, builders, artists, and craftsmen in all Olympus and the human world below to build a giant carousel to house her creatures.

“Quickly, she realizes that many of those creatures she wishes to save must be somehow transformed for safety and camouflage. Each one will need special attention in order for her to fulfill her dream.”

Published by Page Publishing, J.R. Patrick’s spellbinding narrative takes a new and unique approach in re-imagining classic characters of Greek mythology to create an exciting tale full of surprising twists and turns. Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats as Athena’s quest becomes complicated by interference from her stepmother Hera, leading to the ultimate question of whether or not she has what it takes to protect all those who need her help.

Readers who wish to experience this imaginative work can purchase “The Enchanted Carousel” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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