New Religious Book Delves into the World of Understanding Biblical Forgiveness

New Religious Book Delves into the World of Understanding Biblical Forgiveness

Author Bill Ricksecker returns to the publishing world with his third book

Bill Ricksecker was going through a dispute with his local church; he was an outcast, labeled a heretic and his pastor was unforgiving of him, all because of one subject: biblical forgiveness. Taking this experience and using it as fuel, Ricksecker was inspired to write “Illustrating Forgiveness: Understanding Biblical Forgiveness and Reconciliation.”

Ricksecker believes that there may be some unanswered questions about forgiveness after his first book “Desperation of Doctrinal Reformation”. Over the course of nine chapters, Ricksecker threads the needle between granting forgiveness too early and withholding forgiveness.

“Granting forgiveness too early releases the guilty party from any responsibility for their actions,” Rickecker said. “While withholding forgiveness may cause us to become bitter within ourselves.”

Ricksecker elaborates on the Old and New Testaments to guide his readers to gaining a deeper understanding of reconciliation in their own lives and biblical forgiveness towards others. He believes that today’s psychology has “warped” biblical forgiveness to be more about the offended rather than the offender.

“Society has become more focused on self rather than the concern for others,” Ricksecker said. “We have become selfish rather than selfless.”    

“Illustrating Forgiveness: Understanding Biblical Forgiveness and Reconciliation”
By Bill Ricksecker
ISBN: 9781664273634 (softcover); 9781664273641 (hardcover); 9781664273627 (electronic)
Available at WestBowAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Ricksecker earned his Bachelor of Divinity from Christian Leaders Institute in 2021 with plans to on pursuing his master’s degree. Bill currently works in a plastic factory full-time. He is the CEO and founder of Christian Cornerstone 412 Ministries where he strives to train and equip the next generation of godly ministers in spreading the gospel. To learn more, please visit


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