Author E. G. Sherman Jr., PHD., D.S.T., D.A’s new book “Beyond the Fear of Death” is a powerful tool for those with questions or anxieties about dying and death.

Author E. G. Sherman Jr., PHD., D.S.T., D.A’s new book “Beyond the Fear of Death” is a powerful tool for those with questions or anxieties about dying and death.

Recent release “Beyond the Fear of Death” from Page Publishing author E. G. Sherman Jr., PHD., D.S.T., D.A is a thought-provoking read that explores the multi-faceted subject of death and how it is viewed by various cultures in the world. Through research and Biblical study, Sherman provides answers to some questions on death to help quell the fears of those who fear dying.

E. G. Sherman Jr., PHD., D.S.T., D.A, who holds three doctorate degrees and retired as an educator in 2002, has completed his new book “Beyond the Fear of Death”: an eye-opening guide to better understanding death and how it is treated by humanity, offering guidance for those who find themselves fearful of this certain and undeniable step within one’s life.

“Death is universal! Death is unavoidable! Death is final! Death—for some—is welcomed! But death for many is feared. Yet humanity has encountered death since the beginning of time,” writes Sherman. “This fact is disclosed in both biblical and secular histories. The first biblical family—Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel—faced death when Cain killed Abel, his brother. Ancient Egypt, often referred to as the cradle of civilization, held elaborate services for their Pharaohs and entombed them with precious artifacts in elaborate burial containers. It was also in Egypt that the art of embalming was instituted.

“Since the beginning of civilization, whether viewed against biblical or secular history, humankind has had to confront death. Varied have and continue to be reactions to both dying and death. Hence, there seems to exist a need of pragmatic information on the reality of dying and death. Accordingly, this book is a philosophical study of the inevitable fate that awaits the whole of humanity, the fear engendered by thoughts of dying and some practical suggestions for living without being besieged by a recurring feat of death.

“This book, ‘Beyond the Fear of Death’, was prepared in response to the many calls (pastor, teacher, gerontologist) with questions about death, dying, and a life after death. After considering those concerns, I decided to write this book titled ‘Beyond the Fear of Death’. Hopefully, it will provide some comfort to the readers.”

Published by Page Publishing, E. G. Sherman Jr., PHD., D.S.T., D.A’s enlightening tale is a fascinating read for those who seek to know more about cultural views on death and hold questions on the sometimes taboo subject. Readers will discover an incredible resource full of advice on where their research one can further help curb their concerns on death, as well as various Biblical verses for one to meditate on and seek guidance from a divine source on navigating death-based gears.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase “Beyond the Fear of Death” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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