Author Mary Little’s new book “Anna’s Revenge” is a heart-pounding tale of revenge, love, forgiveness, and family in a small town, following two people afraid to love

Author Mary Little’s new book “Anna’s Revenge” is a heart-pounding tale of revenge, love, forgiveness, and family in a small town, following two people afraid to love

Recent release “Anna’s Revenge” from Page Publishing author Mary Little is a story of personal growth, from childhood to adulthood, from innocence to maturity. It’s a story of love and loss, of triumph and tragedy, and it has all the ingredients for a compelling read: murder, kidnapping, gunfights, bank robberies, and more.

Mary Little, a retired educator from North Carolina, has completed her new book “Anna’s Revenge”: a gripping and potent tale of romance set against the background of the old West. It is the story of two people who are fighting their own demons as well as the demons of others.

Mary states, “Anna lost her smile. She nodded her head, shaking a curl down over her left eye. She did not smile at Seth, and he felt a distinct chill in the air. Andrew had been standing behind his daddy. At the mention of his teacher’s name, he peeked around his father’s long muscular legs, dispelling the tension with his breathless murmur of ‘Miss Flowers.’ He looked at his new schoolteacher and gave her a shy smile. Anna gave his son a lovely smile. Seth wondered what Andrew had that he didn’t have. Apparently, the lady was warm enough to his young son.

“Anna mentally scolded herself and reached out a slender hand to Andrew. She wondered where the boy’s mother was. ‘Perish that thought! It doesn’t matter where she is because surely this new—first— sheriff has a mother for his son and a wife for himself. How dare he look at me like that!’

“She took Andrew to the basin to wash his hands. Seth’s eyes followed her and Andrew. He couldn’t help watching her walk away with his young son. Clearly Andrew felt comfortable with his teacher. Seth thought that was a good thing because if Belle agreed to be Andy’s caregiver, he would spend all day at school with the teacher and some nights at home with her too. Seemed like Andrew would be the winner if Miss Morrison agreed to be his caregiver.”

Published by Page Publishing, Mary Little’s historical romance is about the love that two people have for each other and how they overcome their doubts and fears. It is a story of two people who are afraid to love. This tale shows the harshness of the time, but also the tenderness of a young woman’s heart. It shows how much one young woman can overcome when she has no other choice, and what she would give up to reclaim her life.

Anna is reluctant to trust anyone after her mother was murdered by her stepfather. She was orphaned and ended up being raised by a school teacher. Seth Stone, the new sheriff in town, is content to raise his son alone and does not plan to love again after separating from an unfaithful wife. They both have secrets that they keep from each other but keep being drawn to one another.

The author takes readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions as the story unfolds. Readers will discover if their love endures or if they will be hurt by their past and end up dead or alone.

Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “Anna’s Revenge” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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