The adventures of private investigator Cait O’Mailey continues in ‘Twice the Fool’

The adventures of private investigator Cait O’Mailey continues in ‘Twice the Fool’

New book delights readers with adventure chocked full of Halloween calamity, mystery, intrigue and laughs

D. Outhouse returns to the publishing scene with the release of “Twice the Fool” (published by AuthorHouse), the second book in the “O’Mailey Files” series that follows the adventures of private investigator Cait O’Mailey.

Halloween is just around the corner and Cait has a little something for everybody — until her father and his hundred-pound Bernard (who happens to be the unintentional Moriarty to her Sherlock) show up to turn her world upside down. In the midst of the chaos, Cait is employed to discover the identity of the inside man responsible for a number of thefts at the Nakatomi dealership — and she soon discovers to her dismay that she is not the only one on the case.

Speaking of cases: Her beat partner, Trace Falcon, has been assigned to a grisly murder in which the victim is dressed as a notorious Hollywood slasher. Is this a collage frat party gone awry or the beginning of a murder spree centered on the season? Movies collide as do dangerously stubborn personalities; and if things continue to escalate, there is no telling who will end up with a bag of treats — and who will be stuck with the tricks.

“It’s not just a suspenseful thriller. It’s not just another romantic comedy. It’s a unique blending of who-done-it and didn’t-see-that-coming with a healthy scattering of holy-crap, did-that-just-happens and all of it flavored with seasonal theme,” Outhouse describes.

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“Twice the Fool”
By D. Outhouse
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 290 pages | ISBN 9781665570831
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 290 pages | ISBN 9781665570855
E-Book | 290 pages | ISBN 9781665570848
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
D. Outhouse was born Danielle Reneigh Outhouse. She is the eldest of six raised by Dr. Alan and Sarah Outhouse. She lives in North Carolina with the man of her dreams, without whom she would simply be lost. She is a mother to the beautiful artist Mercy whom she considers her pride, joy and inspiration. Her other publications include “HomeFront” and “First Light of Day.”

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