Teri Flicker’s new book “Through Her Eyes” follows Florence as she goes from a child sold to a plantation owner in the South as a house servant to a colonel’s wife

Teri Flicker’s new book “Through Her Eyes" follows Florence as she goes from a child sold to a plantation owner in the South as a house servant to a colonel’s wife

Recent release “Through Her Eyes” from Page Publishing author Teri Flicker describes the growth of one woman and how her life course took her to a place no one thought possible.

Teri Flicker, a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, has completed her new book “Through Her Eyes”: a riveting tale with a backdrop of war and peace, takes readers from the 1920’s through the 1970’s.

Flicker writes, “This book touched the very soul of my life as it is about the life and times of my grandparents. I reside in a small town in Florida and love the life I live here. My one and only child, an amazing daughter, lives next door with her wonderful husband and our granddaughter. My husband is
supportive and my eternal rock. I have family that stays in close contact and fabulous friends that bolster me and complete my life. To say simply that I love my life does not seem to do it justice, but it will suffice until a better word comes along. Please enjoy my story—or I should say my grandmother’s story—the way I did, and appreciate that there are real love stories out there. I am fortunate that I got to share in hers and that I have one of my own.”

Published by Page Publishing, Teri Flicker’s intriguing story begins in the middle of the Great Depression and the rebirth of a nation, and as the love story of Florence and Frank unfolds it carries the reader with it in both America and Europe.

Throughout Florence’s life, the music and changing times altered her and all those around her. During this one lifetime, the world experienced changes that would take music from big band to rock and roll and the information age from newspaper to the nightly news watched on a television set in your own home. It is amazing to witness how much Florence changes along with the world she lives in.

Readers who wish to experience this eye-opening book can purchase “Through Her Eyes” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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