Sheila Bembow’s new book “The Seed” was created to help children discover who they are and why they were created

Sheila Bembow’s new book “The Seed" was created to help children discover who they are and why they were created

Recent Release “The Seed” from Page Publishing author Sheila Bembow is a result of The Holy Spirit digging into those dark places within her, which were hidden from the naked eye, but exposed to the light of Truth. The master surgeon invaded the author’s thoughts and shifted her life on many levels.

Sheila Bembow, who has devoted her life to working with children, has completed her new book “The Seed”: a beautifully illustrated work that tells the story of a little girl who is striving to find her place in the world and have confidence in who she is.

Bembow writes, “When God began to speak to me about who I was in Him, I was challenged from within as well as without. The first thing I had to do was deal with my wrong mindsets, misconceptions, and thoughts which simply was not true. Abba began to share some nuggets with me. He gave me words of correction, comfort, and encouragement as to who he created me to be.”

Published by Page Publishing, Sheila Bembow’s heartwarming story mirrors her own experience of having fear of success and failure. She had become accustomed to being in the background and allowing others to be in the forefront; and when it came time for me to come out of waiting, it was both startling and a little scary.

Bembow had been a cheerleader for so long for others. She was content cheering others on from the sidelines. The greatest challenge for her was coming into the light for Abba. The light, which was being released, was the platform of writing. This platform would be one of the avenues to release the many nuggets of knowledge and lessons learned along the way. The best part is the journey and it has only just begun.

Readers who wish to experience this beautiful book can purchase “The Seed” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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