New Christian Fiction Book Addresses Loss, Hurting and Forgiveness

New Christian Fiction Book Addresses Loss, Hurting and Forgiveness

Former Army Ranger and police officer comes back from hiatus with his second book

Author Forrest Hutter draws from his own past experiences in a literary endeavor to take his readers on an emotional ride in his new book “The Prodigal Father”.

Set in Minnesota, the story follows a widower named Tom Davis who recently suffered the loss of his son, Eli, who was killed overseas while at war. Tom prepares to eulogize Eli but memories from the loss of his wife, which led to the mistreatment and abuse of Eli, keep running through his mind. His only family left, a now adult daughter, Jess, looks at him as more of an acquaintance than a father.

The book blends present and past with flashbacks that show the painful history of Tom, Eli, Jess and their family. The flashbacks portray how loss and suffering took their inevitable toll on Tom and how his life capitulated into alcoholism, abuse and loss of faith.

“I want the book to spark conversation amongst people and families that may be struggling with past traumas and addictions,” Hutter said. “The book has a lot to offer in healing and forgiveness and showing people it’s okay to hurt. Unfortunately, sometimes we hurt others through our grief.”

Throughout the book, Tom is on a journey searching for forgiveness from Jess and looking to heal himself from the wounds left from previous trauma.

“Everyone has experienced pieces of this story in their own lives,” Hutter said. “The personal connection of a reader to this story will make them feel emotions that might have been ignored or forgotten about throughout their lives.”

“The Prodigal Father”
By Forrest Hutter ISBN: 9781664224780 (softcover); 9781664224797 (hardcover); 9781664224773 (electronic)
Available at WestBowPressAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Author Forrest Hutter is a survivor of childhood abuse who has used hardship to drive him towards success. He served in the armed forces as an Army Ranger in the 2nd Ranger Battalion, where he completed multiple combat tours before leaving active duty. He currently serves as a Police Officer in Washington State, where he lives happily with his fiancée, Hillary, and their rescue pit bull, Popeye. To learn more, please visit WestBowPress.


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