Author Steven Huffine’s new book “The Cemetery” is an intriguing tale about a family who has recently moved to a mysterious town that holds a dark secret.

Author Steven Huffine’s new book “The Cemetery” is an intriguing tale about a family who has recently moved to a mysterious town that holds a dark secret.

Recent release “The Cemetery” from Page Publishing author Steven Huffine is an engrossing novel that introduces the Hardings, who are extremely happy with their recent move to Granite. The quiet country farmhouse is everything they had hoped for, but it holds a dark secret.

Steven Huffine, a lifelong resident of Arkansas, has completed his new book “The Cemetery”: a gripping and potent novel that follows the Hardings as they adjust to their new home, finding new secrets around every corner.

As Halloween approaches, local ghost stories begin manifesting themselves into real-life nightmares. An abandoned cemetery has a long history of eerie sightings and strange occurrences. The family is forced to confront evil face-to-face.

Growing up, author Steven Huffine was introduced to horror classics, which fueled his interest in the strange and unknown. As a teenager, he and his friends traveled country backroads in search of the elusive Bigfoot and investigated local urban legends. As an adult, Steven earned his paramedic certification and has proudly served his state for over thirty years. He currently works as a flight paramedic. In his downtime, he enjoys drawing, spending time with his wife and children, boating on local lakes, and restoring vintage emergency lights.

Author Steven Huffine writes, “The sun slowly drifted lower and lower in the western sky as Mark made his way across the open pasture after school. Shadows grew longer, and a strange feeling of dread began to set in. The day had been long as he made his way through each class. He never really liked school, as most kids don’t, but he never hated it either. Since moving from Portersville to Granite, Mark Harding was just trying to fit in and get some semblance of a normal life. Although he and his parents had only been in town for two months, things were already looking up. He had made good friends with two boys at school and had caught the interest of one of the varsity cheerleaders. Mark had a good life back in Portersville.”

Published by Page Publishing, Steven Huffine’s suspenseful tale invites readers to discover whether the Hardings will die in the grips of a demonic supernatural power or find a way to destroy it.

Readers who wish to experience this thrilling work can purchase “The Cemetery” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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