Author Robert Bach’s new book “The Arbitrator” is a captivating tale that centers around the first human ever appointed to serve as arbitrator of God’s special council

Author Robert Bach’s new book “The Arbitrator” is a captivating tale that centers around the first human ever appointed to serve as arbitrator of God's special council

Recent release “The Arbitrator” from Page Publishing author Robert Bach is an enthralling tale that follows Bob Mountain, whose world is changed forever when he is chosen as the head of a council of spirituality arranged by God to protect his ultimate creation. With the power of archangels at his fingertips, Bob will search for truths and knowledge no average person could dream of achieving.

Robert Bach, a self-studied anthropologist who served fourteen years in the military, has completed his new book “The Arbitrator”: a fascinating story of one man chosen for an incredible position that leads him to discover truths about the universe he never thought possible.

“God, in all his wisdom, appointed a council of spiritually evolved beings to serve, maintain, guide, and protect his great creation. There is one chosen to arbitrate over the council. The council is there to give its knowledge, wisdom, and advice to the arbitrator. It is the arbitrator’s job to decide what is to be done and make sure it is done. The arbitrator alone has the authority and power to do whatever is needed to be done. This is done by the archangels who serve the arbitrator. They are his tools to maintaining the fabric of the Infinite Expansion,” writes Bach. “This is the chronicles of the first flesh and blood man appointed to arbitrate over the High Council; henceforth, the title, ‘The Arbitrator’.”

Published by Page Publishing, Robert Bach’s riveting tale follows Bob as he ascends to the position of arbitrator and experiences a whole new world of higher being. Full of suspense and unforgettable characters, readers of all backgrounds will have their imaginations captivated and be left spellbound with each turn of the page.

Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase “The Arbitrator” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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