New book shares insights on creating better work places in post-pandemic period

New book shares insights on creating better work places in post-pandemic period

What are the problems in work spaces? How does one create a more meaningful design in today’s changing context and workforce? What is the future of the post-pandemic workplace? Vistasp Bhagwagar draws on his 30 years of experience expertise in work space design to answer these questions and more.

The post-pandemic the world has changed and so has the interpretation of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for the working world. “Positivity @ The Work Place” (published by Partridge India) reinterprets the priorities of today’s work space needs and reestablishes the importance of design principles in designing meaningful work spaces, as well as the processes involved. The book covers 30 principles of design process and 10 principles of process design to achieve positivity in the work environment.

“There is so much of mediocrity and need for speed around that often the basics of design get ignored,” the author states. “This book attempts to showcase the rigour of thought and practice that is needed for meaningful design.”

With the publication of “Positivity @ The Work Place,” Bhagwagar hopes to pass on the baton of knowledge to younger architects, thought leaders and design practitioners for the betterment of workspace design thinking. Visit to get a copy of the book.

“Positivity @ The Work Place”
By Vistasp Bhagwagar
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 308 pages | ISBN 9781543707793
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 308 pages | ISBN 9781543707786
E-Book | 308 pages | ISBN 9781543707779
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Vistasp Bhagwagar is an Indian architect who graduated from the eminent School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi with two gold medals. He went on to do urban design from Oxford University, U.K. and practiced almost 30 years in work space design. He founded the Architect Vistasp & Associates (AVA), a sole proprietorship company with over 1000 completed projects and has worked with a host of Indian and international clients. His first book, “Positivity @ The Work Place,” is all about creating a legacy and knowledge bank for the next generation that is interested in work space design. It is also for anyone who wants to get into the mind space of an architect and all that he has to deal with for creating meaningful and positive work spaces.

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