35 Top Meditations From Every Discipline for Calming Your Mind and Spirit

35 Top Meditations From Every Discipline for Calming Your Mind and Spirit

Shai Tubali shares 35 meditations from around the world in his new book, “Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Meditation: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Techniques for Calming Your Mind and Spirit.”

“Reduced stress, decreased pain, improved sleep, lengthened attention span, and fewer age-related memory problems!” Is this an ad for the latest miracle pill, organic supplement, or self-help program? No, these are simply the benefits of a cost-free discipline passed down and practiced by almost every human religious tradition. You may have heard of it before — it’s called meditation.

Shai Tubali is a happiness history expert and author of the brand new “Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Meditation: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Techniques for Calming Your Mind and Spirit,” featuring 35 meditations from around the world compiled from the Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Taoist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and New Age traditions.

“I felt excitement as I read through the incredible list of meditations in this book. Think of it as your personal meditation bible, filled with practice options that would fit any mood, any situation, any moment in your life,”
says Dr. Itai Ivtzan, a positive psychologist and professor at Naropa University.

Shai presents each meditation with its historical background, cultural context, potential benefits, and clear instructions suitable for both the beginner and seasoned practitioner. Shai can discuss:

  •     Why Meditation?

In addition to its physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits, Shai says that among its many important purposes, meditation frees our awareness, nourishes our being, brings us back to our original nature, and makes us complete, bringing us a sense of wholeness many psychologically seek in romantic relationships but never fully experience until we meditate and meet our true “other half.”

  •     How to Relinquish “The Thinking Machine.”

Sitting in meditation is the first time many of us realize how thinking disturbs, influences, and drives us on an endless search that leaves us in constant dissatisfaction. Shai can explain what the thinking machine is, how it came into existence, and how to “upgrade” it!

  •     What Are These “Chakra” Things?

As one of Europe’s leading authorities in the field of chakras and the subtle body, Shai can explain what these not-so-mystical energy centers are, as well as provide meditations for each, such as Sacral Chakra meditations for bringing joy back into your life (ex. Taoism’s “Inner Smile”), or Heart Chakra meditations for opening yourself up to love and compassion (ex. Hinduism’s “Inner Cave of the Heart”).

About Shai: Shai Tubali (pronounced Shy Two-BAL-ee) is a leading authority in the field of self-development and self-empowerment. A Ph.D. researcher at the University of Leeds, UK, Tubali explores 35 meditation techniques from all over the world in his newest book, “Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Meditation,” coming in January 2023. Discover modalities and research on finding calm and clarity at ShaiTubali.com.


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