Author Cameron Box’s new book “Immortal Tears” is a captivating novel that centers on Mae, whose village has been destroyed, as she has to get past her trauma

Author Cameron Box’s new book “Immortal Tears” is a captivating novel that centers on Mae, whose village has been destroyed, as she has to get past her trauma

Recent release “Immortal Tears” from Page Publishing author Cameron Box is a mesmerizing novel that introduces Mae, who finds her home has been shattered, leaving her alone and orphaned.

Cameron Box, a resident of Georgia in a small town outside Atlanta, Newnan, has completed his new book “Immortal Tears”: a gripping and potent novel that follows Mae as she figures out what to do next as everything she knows and loves is destroyed.

Author Cameron Box feels like writing is his passion, and this first book is a labor of love. He is family-oriented and enjoys time at home relaxing with his parents or going out to eat. He also loves gaming and getting together with friends for an occasional card game that might have a friendly wager involved. Cameron truly poured hours into this book and hopes that readers can identify with the characters and come to love them as much as he does.

Author Cameron Box writes, “An ebony bird darted across the sky as a beautiful sunrise was dancing with it. The morning air opened up to smoke as the bird flew down into the cobble streets below to peck at forgotten food. The sounds of wagons and beasts of burden could be seen working as the bird fluttered back into the sky. It watched with its silver peepers. The ivory gaze of the ebony bird turned to see old, worn buildings puff out chimney smoke as people could be heard chatting and trading down below in the market square. The bird landed on a statue in the market square of a woman holding holly and a branch of willow. The bird took off once more as it watched the people laugh and chat about the lovely, warm morning. The dark bird then flew outward to the large orchards of apples and oranges that lay on the outskirts of the town. The black bird landed on a window of a well-used Baltic thatch and timber house that is centered on the side of the orchard road. The bird looked into the window with curious eyes as it began to chirp. Loud rustling could be heard as a young girl was tumbling toward the window like a fury in a snowstorm.”

Published by Page Publishing, Cameron Box’s engrossing tale invites readers to join Mae on an incredible journey.

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase “Immortal Tears” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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