Author Sean O. Stovall’s new book “Get Us Home” is an exciting fantasy adventure with interactive moments to help involve the reader in the exciting quest to return home

Author Sean O. Stovall’s new book “Get Us Home” is an exciting fantasy adventure with interactive moments to help involve the reader in the exciting quest to return home

Recent release “Get Us Home” from Page Publishing author Sean O. Stovall transports the reader on a magical journey through various lands and dangerous enemies that require a special skillset to make it through to the end. Each location on the quest continues an interactive exercise or activity that readers can join in on to help the heroes find their way home.

Sean O. Stovall, a grandfather and veteran who holds an MBA from the University of Kansas, has completed his new book “Get Us Home,” an interactive and captivating fantasy journey that follows a group of heroes as they follow a map home, encountering terrifying beasts along the way.

Stovall shares, “’Get Us Home’ prepares you for what is necessary to reunite physically and emotionally with loved ones, allowing for separation to be forgotten temporarily. Family separations caused by work, school, or a new opportunity can be difficult to manage. ‘Get Us Home’ creates a partnership with loved ones, and they collaborate on the steps needed to engage and have fun while sharing a moment in time together. You are taken on journeys in which the listener has opportunities – to perform and have fun, while the reader enjoys the efforts. Together the reader and the listener focus on executing steps and completing tasks which bring out the joys in a relationship. Teamwork and encouragement are needed to travel a maze of challenges, similar to challenges in life. With the guidance of ‘Get Us Home’, you will be prepared to for your next separation and will have the strength and focus necessary to get closer to the ones you love; while creating fun and excitement along the way.”

Published by Page Publishing, Sean O. Stovall’s stunning tale is the perfect way for parents and guardians to connect with young readers in a fun and interactive way that encourages various skills, such as teamwork and comprehensive listening. Readers of all ages will find exhilarating adventures that they’ll want to revisit over and over again, long after the story has concluded.

Readers who wish to experience this thrilling work can purchase “Get Us Home” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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