Author J.A. Coronado’s book “Carlos Grayhawk and the Amazing Four” follows a basketball coach and four new players whose talent is as strong as their heart to succeed

Author J.A. Coronado’s book “Carlos Grayhawk and the Amazing Four” follows a basketball coach and four new players whose talent is as strong as their heart to succeed

Recent release “Carlos Grayhawk and the Amazing Four” from Page Publishing author J.A. Coronado is an inspiring tale of a head basketball coach, the unexpected talent of four new players, and his last effort to produce a winning team. The talent of each becomes evident, as does their characters when challenges threaten the season. Working together they must overcome their personal issues to help create a cohesive, winning team.

J.A. Coronado, a resident of San Antonio, Texas, who enjoys spending time with his family and friends, has completed his new book “Carlos Grayhawk and the Amazing Four”: an uplifting and encouraging story of one coach’s dedication to his basketball team and his star players who work together to become an unbeatable team, both on the court and off.

“Roary Lyon is one more disappointing basketball season away from losing his head coaching job. His search for that winning combination has eluded him as he wants great players, not just good ones. With his job on the line, he finds that great player in Carlos Grayhawk, who came with a troubled past. Carlos is a legend on the courts of his Navajo nation and only wants to prove himself as a winner and leave his mistakes behind. Steve and Oky are hometown twins who live and breathe basketball. Their goal is to play college ball together, and they are determined not to let their small five-foot-eight height deter them from that dream. Absko Oduya is a tall seven-foot long-distance runner from Kenya, who desired to be a track star like his father. But an unforeseen issue will find him sitting out his freshman year and catching the eye of the basketball department. Coach Lyon will get his winning combination from this group of unlikely players who are young and inexperienced but courageous at heart.

“They’ll find themselves in the land of giants in the collegiate world, the sports world, and in a world where trouble and pain don’t limit themselves to the basketball court. This is the story of four young players and a determined coach thrust into the spotlight of the college basketball arena and of their driven spirit to persevere in the face of giants abroad and from those within.”

Published by Page Publishing, J.A. Coronado’s moving story is dedicated to the author’s departed wife Martha, who encouraged Coronado to pursue publishing his writings. As the team comes together under the devoted and unwavering guidance of Coach Lyon, personal struggles will force the team to reckon with their individual pasts and learn to heal from their mistakes in order to become the best players possible in this unforgettable, character-driven drama.

Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase “Carlos Grayhawk and the Amazing Four” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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