Author Shares a Multi-Generational View on Abuse and its Lifelong Impact

Author Shares a Multi-Generational View on Abuse and its Lifelong Impact

Namsam reveals his personal history living through an abusive childhood

Born into the baby boomer generation, author Namsam faced a challenging childhood. In his new autobiography, “Acceptable Abuse,” he shares his experiences growing up under the thumb of an abusive father.

Growing up in an era where corporal punishment was deemed acceptable, Nasam frequently suffered at the hands of his father, and at the hands of those who his father encouraged to behave the same.

“My father encouraged others to do whatever they felt was necessary to keep me in line,” Namsam said. “I would always question why, but I never received an answer.”

In his book, he not only records his abuse, but his methods he used to survive, and eventually fight back. By sharing his own experiences, he wants to help others who have experienced, or are currently experiencing abuse.

“Physical abuse in public is not acceptable anymore, but still continues behind closed doors,” Namsam said. “My main purpose for writing this book is to help others. I want those suffering abuse to know that they are not alone, and there is help available.”

Namsam wants to show readers that they can heal and overcome the cycle of abuse.

“Acceptable Abuse”
By Namsam
ISBN: 9781664183391 (softcover); 9781664183384 (electronic)
Available at XlibrisAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Namsam is part of the baby boomer generation. He was raised in a very different time period from today. He wants to share his personal story with readers to help them find support and help if they are suffering from abuse. To learn more, please visit


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