Author J. A. Owen’s new book “Zombie Dogs” is a thrilling story of an unexpected fight for survival in a far-off state park amid a deadly meteorite storm.

Author J. A. Owen’s new book “Zombie Dogs” is a thrilling story of an unexpected fight for survival in a far-off state park amid a deadly meteorite storm.

Recent release “Zombie Dogs” from Page Publishing author J. A. Owen shares the story of a fight for survival from nightmarish transformations that take place at a desolate, isolated state park in the middle of nowhere.

J. A. Owen has completed his new book “Zombie Dogs”: a gripping and potent story that introduces Dave and Nancy, who, in a dark, dingy motel room, are getting ready to rob the First National Bank. Members of the infamous Black Widows Motorcycle Gang are preparing for their two-week Ride-a-Thon camping trip. A family is quickly packing their RV for a two-week camping vacation. Then at the same time, a top-secret Military Base is suddenly on Red Alert! Code Red! Due to an incoming solar disturbance: a deadly meteorite storm. Then, in the darkness of the military base, two Red Eyes turn on. Now, the M-5 Search and Destroy Robot has now been activated.

Author J. A. Owen writes, “The dogs are mean, vicious and ravenous. I started running as fast as I could. I was running and running from the voracious animals that have lost their minds. The only thing that keeps these monsters going is their biological desire to feast on raw flesh. The only meat that seems to quench their ravenous hunger is the meat from the brains of their victims. I hid behind a tree as they found their next victim. The large dogs started ripping and tearing the flesh off the bones of their victim.”

He continues, “Hank woke up from a dream, more like a bad nightmare. Hank is the leader and president of the dreaded Black Widows Motorcycle gang. He lives with his wife and his two boys, Jared who is seventeen years old and John who is ten years old. Hank is a tall guy. He got up and took a shower, and got dressed and headed downstairs for some coffee. Hank let out Spike, his dog, to go pee. On the way downstairs, Hank left a message on Jared’s chalkboard, which was attached to the door. The funny thing was that Jared put the chalk on a latex hand he made. It was a cut-off hand-holding chalk. The end of the hand was cut off at the forearm. It had two bloody bones sticking out of the end of the forearm. It even grossed Hank out a little.”

Published by Page Publishing, J. A. Owen’s terrifying tale, complete with original illustrations, invites readers to discover how this nightmare unfolds.

Readers who wish to experience this imaginative work can purchase “Zombie Dogs” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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