New Christian Children’s Book Promotes Acceptance of Differences in Children

New Christian Children’s Book Promotes Acceptance of Differences in Children

A young zebra is born a little different but finds his true colors

Lynette Koch shows off her illustration and writing skills in her debut picture book about a unique zebra that is born with colored polka dots trying to stay afloat during his wave of emotions before his first days of kindergarten.

In “Z the Zebra Goes to Kindergarten”, an African-born zebra named “Z” is born with rainbow-colored polka dots instead of stripes. His dots light up different colors depending on his mood, and he is unsure if the other kids will be accepting of his differences.

“Many children go through times where they feel hopeless, feel they don’t belong or think they aren’t good enough,” Koch said. “Z the Zebra would like to shed light on some of these issues to help children to take one day at a time, look for the blessings in each day and know how loved they are.”

The book references God’s love for all and details Z throughout his entire year of kindergarten as he interacts with new animals from all walks of life in his class from llamas to elephants. Koch believes that this book will help children navigate their own anxiety when starting something new and put their trust in God.

“I am sure at one time or another, we all need to be encouraged that there is hope in the world, to keep moving forward, even if it’s just one step at a time,” Koch said. “I would love for all of the Z the Zebra readers to have the same feeling.”

“Z the Zebra Goes to Kindergarten”
By Lynette Koch
ISBN: 9781489739452 (softcover); 9781489739469 (hardcover); 9781489739445 (electronic)
Available at LifeRichPublishingAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Lynette Koch was born in North Dakota and has lived there most of her life. She holds two associate degrees in science and art from Bismarck State College. She married her husband Pat in 1980, and they have three children and five grandchildren. In the summer you will find her enjoying her family and friends at their lake cabin and in the winter months, she enjoys the sunshine of Mesa, Ariz. She has a love for Jesus, people, animals, the outdoors, music and coffee. To learn more, please visit


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