Author Dorothy Reynolds’s new book “Who Is There for Me?” is a deeply personal memoir an unloving childhood home and the happiness found with her own husband and family

Recent release “Who Is There for Me?” from Page Publishing author Dorothy Reynolds is a poignant reflection on the loneliness of her early years with abusive parents who made their disfavor obvious to her and to her four siblings. The true companionship she experienced for the first time when she met her future husband became the foundation for her long and loving marriage, successful children, and a fulfilling fifty-year career.

Dorothy Reynolds, a Mississippi native, mother, grandmother, and registered nurse who created and ran a successful medical company with her husband of fifty years and continues her work to this day, has completed her new book “Who Is There for Me?”: an inspiring autobiography and a true story of determination and hope for a brighter future.

A woman struggled to find the answer as to why her parents excluded her from the family because she was told that they did not want her to disgrace them if she became pregnant while unmarried. The parents decided to exclude their second daughter and not her other four siblings from the family. She was emancipated to a man who was a total stranger to them. After she was married and had no children for twelve years, they still excluded her and instructed her siblings’ children not to have anything to do with her children because of where they were born.

The parents could not control this married daughter, so they talked down to and disowned her and her family. Many adversities came her way, but the blessing outweighed them all because God put other people in place to fill her needs and keep her uplifted. Her husband had multiple college degrees, and her sons were college-educated.

This is a journey of a woman who showed you how she lived her best life when odds said otherwise. She maintained respect for her wedding vows and showed how to keep her husband head of household through adversity. She taught her children respect, hard work, and how to successfully, when one thing fails, try another until you find peace and happiness. She kept the mindset of being a leader and not a follower to maintain her best life through adversity. She was determined to prove to herself that she could survive this life and make her own world of peace and happiness.

Published by Page Publishing, Dorothy Reynolds’s engrossing book is an inspiring memoir of courage and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Who Is There for Me?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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