Author Travis Lowery’s new book “Trust the Process” shares the author’s firsthand experiences of growth meant to inspire all readers to overcome obstacles

Author Travis Lowery’s new book “Trust the Process” shares the author's firsthand experiences of growth meant to inspire all readers to overcome obstacles

Recent release “Trust the Process” from Page Publishing author Travis Lowery is a compelling memoir that shares the author’s journey. It was written in hopes that readers avoid some of these changes and challenges.

Travis Lowery has completed his new book “Trust the Process”: a gripping and potent memoir that offers firsthand insight into striving to get off the streets and developing a strong sense of purpose and community.

Author Travis Lowery is a certified coach, trainer, teacher, and speaker and the founder of You’re the Best Inc. He has worked with the community as a community development board member and has served as an ambassador with the delegation to Tallahassee, representing Catalyst Miami and the people of South Dade. As an entrepreneur and mentor, he has employed the youth throughout the years. He loves his community and knows that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to making it as great as it can be.

Lowery writes, “I can remember the times when I had more than enough to survive. Going on shopping sprees, having no ceiling on how much I spent every time. Spending a few thousand dollars a week in the clubs, going on vacation with my family two or three times a year. Lavishing myself and family members with gold and diamonds. Walking around with five to six thousand in my pockets just because giving to people as if I was Robin Hood. I was blessed but stupid with it. Cursed, but glorified in my own right.”

He continues, “Yes, I, Travis Lowery, was the same type of person everyone hates, but I couldn’t see it. Drenched in the systematics that has destroyed many men before and now. The thirst for materialism, social status, and being controlled by greed fools you. I was a weed distributor, and I smoked a least a pound and a half monthly. Yes, I dedicated myself to something that almost had me killed! That is something that I let go way back but is still following me today and being judged in everything I do today.”

Published by Page Publishing, Travis Lowery’s meaningful work offers hope and encouragement to readers, providing wisdom and valuable knowledge to help guide them through their journeys.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “Trust the Process” online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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