“The Yukon River Golden”: an inspiring narrative about a Golden Retriever determined to be a sled dog despite not being the right breed of dog for the job. “The Yukon River Golden” is the creation of published author Kristen Helmer, a writer and loving pet owner to an Australian Shepherd named Ransom. She lives in Alaska with her husband and her dog, where she lets her imagination follow its course and lead her to create wonderful children’s stories.

Helmer shares, “Topaz, a Golden Retriever living along the Yukon River in Alaska, has a dream of being a lead sled dog. However, Tyler won’t let her be on the sled dog team because Golden Retrievers aren’t typically sled dogs. Will Topaz still find a way to make her dream come true? Come along with Topaz on an Alaskan adventure to find out!”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Kristen Helmer’s new book is an amazing tale of chasing one’s dreams and defying odds through faith and purpose.

This heart-warming book teaches readers that they can be anything they want, and determination is more important than fitting the standard.

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Consumers can purchase “The Yukon River Golden” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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