Author Buddy Strawn’s new book “The Marriage Pill” is the captivating tale of a pill that allows men to see if the person they wish to marry will result in a happy union.

Author Buddy Strawn’s new book “The Marriage Pill” is the captivating tale of a pill that allows men to see if the person they wish to marry will result in a happy union.

Recent release “The Marriage Pill” from Page Publishing author Buddy Strawn is a thrilling tale that follows Loddy, a young man naive about love and sex, who finds himself in need of a way to educate himself on making a marriage last. This comes in the form of a pill that allows men to be able to determine if they should or shouldn’t marry the girl they love, which becomes increasingly popular.

Buddy Strawn, who spent over a decade working as a coach for Division I men’s college tennis, has completed his new book “The Marriage Pill”: a thought-provoking narrative discussing the pitfalls that lead to an unhappy and failed marriage, and shows that a quick and easy fix to a problem is not always the best solution.

“The ‘birds and the bees’ is supposedly the story of what sex and love is all about, and the ‘speech’ of all its meanings and lure are presumed to be delivered by mother/father/both, or that adult in your life well before any such dealings,” writes Strawn. “Well, now, readers, raise your hand up high if you ever got that talk in due time?!

“Much like the majority of youngsters, the main character in this book, Loddy, never got that ‘speech’ and therefore was faced with life-altering decisions to make ‘on the fly,’ so to speak. Sound familiar? More than likely that answer is a big fat ‘yes!’

“So, imagine being able to simply take a pill (‘The Marriage Pill’) that allows a young man to experience all the intangibles, good and bad, of entering into holy matrimony with the one he is presumably in love with, and then decide.

“There is such a pill! And furthermore, it’s success rate of convincing young men not to enter into the ‘contractual’ agreement of ‘till death do us part’, with the enticing young woman of his dreams until at least the age of twenty-nine is and has been 100 percent effective.”

Published by Page Publishing, Buddy Strawn’s imaginative tale is inspired by the author’s years spent as a men’s college tennis coach, during which time his ability to relate to his male players and advise them on their relationships became a catalyst for the contents of his writing. Full of insight and a bit of humor, readers will discover their many questions on marriage answered and better understand the work that must go into a marriage for it to be successful.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase “The Marriage Pill” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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