New Children’s Book Shines a Light on the True Meaning of Christmas

New Children’s Book Shines a Light on the True Meaning of Christmas

Author Dian Cooper illustrates and writes her fourth children’s book

Cooper was going through a very difficult time in her life: it was the Christmas season and she felt alone; there wasn’t a single present under her Christmas tree. One day, during prayer, she was touched spiritually with a message from God that she is never alone. Inspired, Cooper wrote “The Christmas Light”.

The book starts out describing the lonely world of a Christmas light named “Bright”, who has been tucked away and forgotten in a box in the attic for many holiday seasons with his family. Bright knows it is Christmas time by the sounds of Mrs. Smith, Bright’s owner, singing Christmas jingles as well as the sweet aroma of sugar cookies and apple pie floating their way through the house.

Bright begins to lose his faith as many years have passed with little chance of being picked to shine bright on Mrs. Smith’s house. “Maybe one day she will love me again,” Bright whispers to himself before his year-long nap.

During a dream one night, Bright is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and that Jesus died for people’s sins, with the clear message that no one is alone, if they believe. This dream propels Bright to shine brightly once again. As a result, Bright and his family are given the chance to show Mrs. Smith how truly dazzling they can be.

“I wrote this book because I knew that if just one child or adult ever felt like Bright did, they would know they’re never forgotten by God,” Cooper said.

“The Christmas Light”
By Dian Cooper
ISBN: 9781489740601 (softcover); 9781489740595 (hardcover); 9781489740618 (electronic) Available at
LifeRichPublishingAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Dian Cooper is a freelance writer and illustrator of fiction children’s books, including “Welcome Blessing”, “Welcome Christmas” and “Let’s Play Ball”: The Adventures of Blessing Part I, II & III.” Her love for children and God inspires her passion to instill in all children that they are wonderfully made and loved by God. Her prayer is “The Christmas Light” becomes an annual and delightful Christmas story for children around the world. To learn more, please visit


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