Award-Winning Author Returns with her Fifth Fiction Book

Award-Winning Author Returns with her Fifth Fiction Book

Author Anne Hutcheson writes about the emotional and physical costs of suicide

In 2020, 45,979 people died by suicide in the U.S. Each one of those had friends, family and loved ones that cared for them, amounting to a much greater toll that was affected. “Peaceful Waters”, is a story that shows how suicide affects those that are left behind.

The focus of this book follows a woman named Fen McCallin, who recently suffered the loss of her best friend and lover, Donovan, to suicide. Fen is haunted by Donovan’s ghost as she attempts to work through her stages of grief. She embarks on a physical journey that she has always wanted to go on and this physical journey leads to emotional and mental healing that transforms Fen to come out stronger on the other side.

“I would like this book to be read, shared, and discussed creating a better understanding of how suicide affects many people in many different ways,” Hutcheson said. “I would like greater cognizance of the importance of keeping the good memories and moving forward.”

Hutcheson wrote this book to entice conversation, as well as keeping good memories and moving forward.

“This is a love letter dedicated to those who have lost someone dear to suicide and who must reemerge to life and to love,” Hutcheson said.

“Peaceful Waters” By Anne Hutcheson ISBN: 9781663243317 (softcover); 9781663243331 (hardcover); 9781663243324 (electronic)
Available at iUniverseAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author Anne Hutcheson lives with her husband and two exceptional rescue cats in Central Pennsylvania. After enjoying three decades as a teacher and school administrator, she retired to pursue her passions for writing, traveling, hiking, the healing arts, and wine and food pairing as a sommelier. She has written four previous books in the past decade. To learn more, please visit


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