Book of Devotionals to Help Readers Discover Their God-Given Missions

Book of Devotionals to Help Readers Discover Their God-Given Missions

Author offers a 40-day self-guided path to deeper intimacy with God

What does God have to do with one’s career path? Author Bob Black answers that question in his new book, “Mobilize Your Mission.”

In it readers are provided with a short process to discern their God given missions and then leads them through 40 devotionals to inspire and stretch their faith. The handbook is designed as a reference guide and an ongoing source of perspective and encouragement. Black includes concepts such as “Spirit Talk,” which captures the essence of relevant verses in words and short phrases, and “Coach’s Questions” which are meant to elicit deeply transformative thinking.

“I consider this book a reference to keep at your bedside because there is something in it for every stage of your life adventure,” said Black. “Our life’s adventures take us on a journey that cycles through different stages multiple times. Each time, we face similar challenges, but at ever deepening levels. This book serves as a guide, freshly appropriate each cycle.”

Black is the founder of Mission Curve Advisors, whose mission is to see a large and growing number of people living fulfilled lives as they enjoy ever deepening relationships with God and people. While “Mobilize Your Mission” is intended to provide a start to the process, Mission Curve Advisors offers a 1:1 advisor guided workshop meant to bring clarity that may not be attainable if attempting alone.

“I’d really like to provoke sleepy Christians to wake up and to determine why God has them here,” said Black. “Let’s get them moving on the mission God has for their lives with this ‘do-it-yourself’ source.”

“Mobilize Your Mission”
By Bob Black
ISBN: 9781664272194 (softcover); 9781664272200 (hardcover); 9781664272187 (electronic)
Available at WestBow PressAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Bob Black received his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind. and his masters at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. Trained as an engineer, he was nearly 20 years into a successful, stable career in the medical device industry when God got his attention. After two years of struggle, he jumped and became a financial adviser. Drawing on his personal experience, financial advising skills and as an ICF certified coach, he founded Mission Curve Advisors and since led hundreds of people to likewise experience the adventure of their lives. Bob and has a wife and two grown children and live in Bend, Ore. To learn more, please visit


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