Author Darlene Weingarten’s new book “Leaving Ukraine and Other 20th Century Tales” is a collection of stories detailing life and struggles in the 1900s

Author Darlene Weingarten’s new book “Leaving Ukraine and Other 20th Century Tales” is a collection of stories detailing life and struggles in the 1900s

Recent release “Leaving Ukraine and Other 20th Century Tales” from Page Publishing author Darlene Weingarten follows the author’s family as they immigrated to America during the 20th century in search of a better life to pursue the American dream. A blend of history and fiction, Weingarten brings these stories to life, honoring immigrants who sacrificed and paved the way for their descendants.

Darlene Weingarten, a retired school librarian of thirty years who enjoys spending time with her family, has completed her new book “Leaving Ukraine and Other 20th Century Tales”: a beautiful collection of stories detailing the struggles and triumphs faced by many during the 1900s, centering around the author’s ancestors who took a risk and arrived in America for a new start.

“The twentieth century was both wonderful and horrible,” writes Weingarten. “There were two catastrophic world wars and many ghastly smaller wars. But there were medical advances and discoveries that extended the lives of people and animals. There were many inventions that made life easier for ordinary people, inventions we take for granted. Some people were blessed with productive and peaceful lives while others suffered from events beyond their control. Each decade of the twentieth century was unique. [I have] written about some [I] witnessed, some events told to [me], and some [I have] made up entirely from her imagination. Even as a child, [I] was always ready to listen to someone’s story. [I] wondered about [my] twenty cousins and many aunts and uncles, some of whom [I] never met. As an educator and member of several organizations, [I] found friends who had a unique story to tell.”

Published by Page Publishing, Darlene Weingarten’s eye-opening series highlights what life was truly like during the previous century in America as science and technology advanced while societal injustices and political disagreements created consequences for everyone. A sincere overview of the changes America faced through the eyes of one family that witnessed it all, Weingarten weaves a fascinating and gripping narrative that is sure to enlighten and captivate the minds and hearts of readers everywhere.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase “Leaving Ukraine and Other 20th Century Tales” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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