“The Calling of Johnny Little”: a creative and enjoyable narrative of Christian life and God’s way of working within one’s life. “The Calling of Johnny Little” is the creation of published author Jay Ptacek, a native of Virginia who later moved permanently to Oregon after spending summers there with his loving father.

Ptacek shares, “Johnny Little has always been a man of faith. He does his best to look at situations and people through eyes of love and understanding. One day, while on a family outing, he felt a pull to prayer. Stepping away to a private place, he knelt down by a stone and bowed his head. That’s when he had an experience that would change his life forever.

“He received a calling to serve in a way he had never expected.

“As Johnny faces his tasks, he is guided by his faith. Will his faith hold as he walks the path laid out before him?”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jay Ptacek’s new book is a compelling read that explores the concept of divine calling and humanity’s capacity for faith.

Ptacek’s creative and faith-based tale is one of profound faith, the importance of family, and how any true believer can receive an unexpected call at any moment. With affable characters and an intriguing theme, readers will be eager to find out how this tale unfolds.

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