“Daddy’s Best: Stories and Tales Best Told by Daddy”: an eclectic collection of narratives meant for fathers to share with little ones. “Daddy’s Best: Stories and Tales Best Told by Daddy” is the creation of published author I’Kallu Judah-Judah, a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who is the founder and president of the Albert Tibbs Evangelistic Association (ATEA) in Fort Bend County, Texas.

Judah-Judah shares, “I am unapologetically in awe and humbled by the sovereign grace and godly design of the position of daddy. To be called by God to serve in this sacred sphere of humanity is at once both simply and profoundly amazing.

“Daddy’s Best is a book of ideas that are translated into stories and tales, which when read or told by daddies are transformed into the power of dreaming, doing, and being in the heart of children that has infinite heights and everlasting dimensions. This is eminently important because ‘dreamers and doers are trailblazers, dreamers and doers are history makers.’

“Therefore, ‘you can’t influence if you don’t engage.’ Influence their destiny by engaging them in the best that you are and can be and by instructing them in teaching moments, play moments, meal moments, traveling moments, and sleeping moments.

“This book is written for Gen Xers, millennials, and generally new fathers to simply encourage the ‘daddy’s best’ in you to be made available for your child or children and for you to experience and be blessed together as God reveals the daddy’s best in you. I pray that fathers everywhere, by whatever means God used to place this book in their hands, would accept the divine charge to be a daddy, a daddy that will be responsible to shape the destiny of their children by this and mainly the greatest story ever told. When this is accomplished, together we will have transformed our world to its kingdom best and we will have been at our ‘daddy’s best.’

“I salute every father that has chosen to accept his God-given and blessed position and duty as daddy. I pray with you as you ascend in this glory of God.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, I’Kallu Judah-Judah’s new book is an important reminder of the blessing that fatherhood truly is.

With charming stories and creative illustrations, readers will find an enjoyable opportunity for family togetherness and lessons on key moral concepts.

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