Author Shares an Unforeseen Journey of Recovery from a Brain Surgery That Left Him Paralyzed

Author Shares an Unforeseen Journey of Recovery from a Brain Surgery That Left Him Paralyzed

How author Joseph C. Salvo went from being paralyzed to a walking medical miracle in three and a half weeks

Author Joseph C. Salvo was going about his busy day as a middle school computer teacher, when he tripped over nothing in the hallway. Later, he struggled to reach a book on a shelf. Then, he tripped again.

Unable to explain these events, Salvo went to his doctor, where he underwent an MRI. He was shocked to learn the strange occurrences were a result of a brain tumor and he needed major surgery to remove it. Within just two weeks, Salvo visited three doctors, had four MRIs, was diagnosed with a meningioma tumor, and endured 12 hours of intensive brain surgery.

“Because of nerve damage, the surgery left me totally paralyzed on my left side, and partially paralyzed on my right,” Salvo said. “I was told by every medical professional that I would never walk. After taking one-inch steps, I asked my doctor when I could really get going. He told me, ‘When you can wiggle your toes.’ I responded, ‘Hallelujah.’”

In his new memoir, “I Wiggled My Toes…Hallelujah!: An Unforeseen Journey of Recovery from Brain Surgery,” Salvo shares his remarkable story of healing and perseverance. Determined to walk, he worked from the time he woke up until the time he went to sleep. Salvo defied the odds and stumped his nurses and doctors when he walked out, just three and a half weeks later.

“When I left the rehabilitation facility, the entire medical staff referred to me as a ‘miracle’,” Salvo said. “They encouraged me to share my story, to give hope to others who had dealt with, or were presently dealing with, a life-changing experience.”

Inspired by his doctors’ encouragement and his passion for helping others, Salvo hopes his story may be a motivation for readers struggling with life-changing obstacles to trust in God’s plan.

“My purpose is to offer advice to individuals who need help and be an uplifting voice for their journeys,” Salvo said. “This book is a spiritual and healing example of what can happen when we allow God on our side.”

“I Wiggled My Toes…Hallelujah! An Unforeseen Journey of Recovery from Brain Surgery”
By Joseph C. Salvo
ISBN: 9781664222526 (softcover); 9781664222519 (electronic)
Available at Author WebsiteAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Joseph C. Salvo is a retired high school and middle school teacher who received his master’s degree in Education and a Certificate in Administration from UMass Lowell. He was chairman of the Park and Recreation Board and a member of the Community Preservation Committee in Waltham, Mass. He has coordinated and assisted with numerous fundraising activities for the sick and underprivileged. Since his retirement, Salvo enjoys boating, fishing, clamming and golfing on Cape Cod in Mashpee, Mass. where he currently resides. To learn more, please visit

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