Travel with a woman on a journey of emotions and passions that ultimately lead to happiness and joy

Travel with a woman on a journey of emotions and passions that ultimately lead to happiness and joy

Lilibet Rain announces the release of ‘Growing Happiness: Turning Loss and Grief into Joy’

The spirit of the daughter she lost wants Lilibet Rain to be happy above all else. Over the last 10 years, focusing on self-improvement, a positive attitude and working closely with nature, it helped her achieve that state. Now, she wanted to help other people as well who have gone through loss, particularly losing a child, to heal and have a happy life. It is for this reason she writes “Growing Happiness: Turning Loss and Grief into Joy” (published by Balboa Press).

Rain lost her home and possessions, her 24-year-old daughter and her 18-year marriage. If that was not enough, she also went through dramatic health challenges: surviving cancer and learning to live with a heart condition. Yet she is one of the most passionate and happy people one can meet. She made a decision along the way not to be a victim of life, and instead to be a hero. She embraced forgiveness as a key to living a happy life. Her passions for teaching and organic farming have been both her therapy and her driving force to happiness.

“Depression and suicide are on the rise amongst people who have suffered major loss. They find it difficult to heal and find happiness again in their lives. This was made much worse due to the pandemic, where many people lost loved ones prematurely due to contracting COVID-19. It is a time where healing from loss is needed more than ever before. It is also a time when people have become disconnected from nature and are suffering from ‘Nature Deficit disorder,’ Rain says. She adds, “The book gives hope to readers that despite any losses they have gone through in life, they can find happiness and live a fulfilled life. It is both a story and a transformational book and will appeal to both those who enjoy fiction/stories and non-fiction/self-improvement.”

When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, Rain answers, “I would like my readers to feel inspired to spend time in nature and embrace the inner tools of acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude so that they can heal and have a happy life. Happiness is a choice we make, a choice to connect to the truth of our souls instead of to the false, exterior world. My greatest wish for them is that they make a lasting commitment to be happy. The prize will surely be a magical, joyful life beyond their wildest dreams.” For more details about the book, please visit

“Growing Happiness: Turning Loss and Grief into Joy”
By Lilibet Rain
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 150 pages | ISBN 9798765232262
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 150 pages | ISBN 9798765232248
E-Book | 150 pages | ISBN 9798765232255
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Lilibet Rain is a teacher, writer, artist, home economist, environmentalist, farmer and an entrepreneurial businesswoman. She was awarded Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 by the Women in Business Association in Botswana. She has written over 20 home economics and art textbooks. She continues to write regular articles on organic gardening in local magazines and now contributes to a digital magazine. Thus, she is no stranger to writing but this will be her first transformational book with more to come.

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