New Disruptive Book Exposes the Monster that Eats Companies Alive and Reveals How to Slay It

New Disruptive Book Exposes the Monster that Eats Companies Alive and Reveals How to Slay It

FIT has leaders across industries in a frenzy about how this book will change the game. Many are concerned that their competitors are using it to increase agility and get ahead in the market. The concepts of FIT and Agile Strategy Execution are so intuitive that it seems too good to be true. The book is changing the paradigm on strategy execution, making it anybody’s race to win.

FIT: The Simple Science of Achieving Strategic Goals
Calvin L Williams, BSIE, MBA
Imprint: Impruver Press
On sale: December 15, 2022
Price: $19.99
Pages: 241
ISBN: 979-8-218-11661-3

Amid mass layoffs at such revered companies as Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, and Ford, the monster of ineffective strategy execution rears its ugly head. FIT exposes this monster and explains how it destroyed companies like Toys “R” Us, NECCO, GM, Pan Am, Yahoo, and several others. The book also reveals an alternative approach that simplifies strategy execution down to a basic science. It applies the principles of Continuous Improvement and Agile Methodology to engage everyone in the company in improving something important everyday. The book applies a narrative of the 1960s moonshot initiated by President John F Kennedy to help explain how the iterative approach to improvement can be leveraged to help companies become fit to achieve what is currently impossible. Its said that during the moonshot mission, even the janitor at NASA clearly understood the mission and their unique role in helping to make it a success. FIT helps companies to systematically create this level of focus, agility, and employee engagement so that they too can achieve their most ambitious goals.

The book explains in detail how companies like Google, Tesla, Mars, Southwest Airlines, and Walmart have embedded this simple science into their DNA to become breakout disrupters, taking a commanding lead in the markets they serve. The book challenges the prevalent paradigm that Lean-ness is best and inspires us to develop Fit-ness instead. The book’s author, Calvin L Williams said “There is a trend in industry where companies are phasing out Lean programs and building Strategy Execution functions. Companies are realizing that becoming Lean, or better yet ‘FIT’, is a function of executing their own strategies, not Toyota’s.” Early beta readers such as Bob Emiliani, Katie Anderson, and several executive leaders are lavishing high praise on the book. For example, Katie Anderson, author of bestselling book, Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn said “In ‘FIT’, Calvin Williams gives leaders a framework to align their organization to achieve more — by setting a challenge and providing support to their people through coaching, iterating, and learning. Williams uses clear examples and engaging stories to illustrate each learning point. The book inspires the reader to dream bigger, learn faster, and achieve more.” The method described in the book is already transforming the way companies approach strategy execution, creating a stark contrast to waterfall-style approach used by companies conducting mass layoffs that dominate headlines today.


About the Author:

Calvin L Williams is the founder and CEO of Impruver, a technology company that provides software to ease and bring automation to goal setting and alignment, routine iteration, and measuring success. He has 20 years of professional experience with leading companies such as Nestle, Mars, Tyson Foods, AT Kearney, and most recently, the Clorox Company as Sr Leader of Global Continuous Improvement. He is holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he attended on track and field and academic scholarships. He also holds an MBA. He started Impruver to help companies transform every worker into an engineer and engage them in developing solutions that have the potential to change the world. The company was founded after Calvin discovered a powerful hack for successfully achieving strategic goals at a previous employer.


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