New Memoir Takes Readers on a Woman’s Religious Journey of Faith

New Memoir Takes Readers on a Woman’s Religious Journey of Faith

Author Annie McGuire takes her life experience to the publishing world

McGuire started her life journey out on the wrong foot. As a newborn, she had multiple life-threatening complications, including double lumbar pneumonia. McGuire believes she survived because God had big plans for her future, that her future is now, and her book will encourage others to have faith in God.

In the book, “Expect Miracles”, McGuire writes about the ups and downs in her life’s journey, ranging from small to catastrophic, but the constant that remained was her faith in God.

McGuire hopes this book teaches forgiveness and the role that plays in readers’ relationships and communions with God. McGuire states that only God can help fully heal deep hurts and bring her readers to true forgiveness, where they can show God’s love.

“I hope my personal experiences in learning how to walk with the Lord will encourage the reader to ask the Lord to meet their own needs and seek a deeper relationship with him,” McGuire said.

McGuire wrote this book so others can learn from her trials and tribulations and what happens on the other side. She provides scriptures in each chapter that correlate with her journey.

“This book will appeal to readers because I believe it will help them to understand the goodness of Jesus Christ,” McGuire said. “I did not write this book to preach to anyone, rather, I want this book to encourage faith.”

“Expect Miracles”
By Annie McGuire
ISBN: 9781489743596 (softcover); 9781489743619 (hardcover); 9781489743602 (electronic)
Available at LifeRichPublishingAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Annie McGuire is a minister and spiritual adviser who has devoted herself to a life of trusting the Lord and teaching others the importance of faith in their everyday lives. To this day, she operates by faith, seeking the Lord in all things on a daily basis, teaching others the importance of faith, trust, and obedience in everyday life. To learn more, please visit


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