Eisenhower Matrix is a five-box decision-making matrix that was created by Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States. This method has been applied in various fields across the world. People have used it in the military, government, and education.

Doer Planner is a new planner notebook that launched on Amazon. This planner is designed to help people achieve their goals through the Eisenhower Matrix organization system. The Doer Planner has a daily to-do list with sections for routine tasks, appointments, personal notes, and an urgency-important matrix to help you achieve your goal on time.

Doer Planner is a time management notebook that helps freelancers and anyone who works from home to set goals, plan their day, stay focused on what is important. It also provides an overview of tasks for freelancers with deadlines so they can know how many hours they need to spend on each task.

It’s common for people to forget or push off their to-do items in a day. This is why a daily to-do list planner is such a great tool. It works as an agenda and helps you stay productive by keeping track of your daily tasks and deadlines.

Eisenhower Matrix method is best used to determine what activities are important and should be done urgently, what tasks are not urgent but are important, what tasks are urgent but not important, what tasks are neither urgent nor important and finally what tasks can be delegated.

Doer Planner available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Doer-Planner-Management-Do-Productivity/dp/1005134561/

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