The Eagle Exemplifies Many Qualities Present In Great Leaders

The Eagle Exemplifies Many Qualities Present In Great Leaders

Xulon Press presents character lessons from the sky.

Author Dallas Gates McClain parallels personal growth with the qualities of a top avian predator in Eagle Instincts: The 7 Laws Every Leader Knows ($12.49, paperback, 9781662861000; $5.99, e-book, 9781662861017).

McClain was an Eagle Scout in his Boy Scout days and was inspired by this master of the sky. As an adult, McClain has continued to watch as successful people demonstrate many of the same characteristics of the eagle as they follow the designs of the One who created both eagles and humans.

“By sharing the laws of this world and how they align with the laws given to us by God, I hope to convey through the ever powerful and graceful livelihood of the eagle, how one can understand this world a little better in order to become a better version of themselves to serve their greater family, community, and world,” said McClain.

Born in the USA, Dallas Gates McClain is a passionate reader of theological and personal development books. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. Teaching English abroad, McClain has been immersed in various cultures and backgrounds while making friends all over the world. He is a Catholic Christian and enjoys time outdoors while being a tennis enthusiast. He is the Co-founder and Editor of Biohackers magazine and the Founder of Gates of Growth, a life coaching company. He is currently living in Orlando, Florida with his wife & children, where he enjoys writing, sports, and nature hikes in his free time.


Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Eagle Instincts is available online through,, and


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