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Author James Kirkwood’s new book “When Fathers Don’t Hug” is an inspirational memoir about how fathers may have an everlasting influence on one’s life.

Author James Kirkwood’s new book “When Fathers Don’t Hug” is an inspirational memoir about how fathers may have an everlasting influence on one’s life.

James Kirkwood, a retired Army colonel who served for 29 years then established his own IT consulting firm and currently works on his tree farm in Texas has two children and five grandchildren and an MBA, has completed his new book “When Fathers Don’t Hug”: a motivating and intimate memoir about James’ life with his father growing up and how his life has been shaped by his father.

James writes, “The place was perfect for learning to shoot and track game, learning what you could eat and what not to eat in the woods and how to find it, fishing (with a pole and without a pole), hunting with and without a gun, building a shelter, and just having the freedom of ninety acres all to myself. My first gun was a BB gun. I did a lot of shooting at cardboard targets in the backyard. Daddy gave me his Springfield single shot .22 rifle when I was nine years old; this was a year before my mother knew I was shooting a real gun and she thought I was too young then.

“From about eight years old until I was twelve, Daddy and cousin Tom would teach me the Indian skills they had learned from those old Indians in the family. Cousin Tom did not have any children, although he had been married several times and Daddy and he were like brothers, so they both taught me.”

Published by Page Publishing, James Kirkwood’s personal tale reveals how important a relationship with one’s father is in life.

This memoir is an interactive book that gives readers lessons at the end of each chapter. The purpose is to show how to build a better relationship with one’s father by portraying and seeing what it is like to have an influential father. Readers will follow along James’ memoirs about his father and hopefully build a stronger connection to their own father, whether he hugs or not.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “When Fathers Don’t hug” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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Gene Koester’s newly released “The Gift of Grandchildren” is a thoughtful look into the experience of becoming a grandparent

“The Gift of Grandchildren”: a considerate and moving explanation of the joy grandchildren bring. “The Gift of Grandchildren” is the creation of published author Gene Koester, a loving husband, father, and grandfather who spent a career working in Catholic education. He is a graduate of McAuley Regional Catholic High School, Missouri Southern State University (BSE), and Pepperdine University (MSA).

Koester shares, “The Gift of Grandchildren gives a personal account of the author’s current state of life and reflects on the awareness of one’s own existence through the experience of becoming a grandparent. The book gives individual accounts of the author’s grandchildren as they grow from infant to teenager and the relationship created to bond two distinct generations. The unique storyline of each grandchild is peppered with comment and observation from the author, which can easily be identified by today’s grandparent, those about to embark on the blessing of becoming a grandparent, or those curious about the effects grandparents have on grandchildren and the special memories grandchildren give to the grandparent.

“The Gift of Grandchildren gives the reader a plethora of examples in respect to family traditions, mores, conversations, and endeavors, which are enhanced by the formation of the grandparent’s knowledge and the grandchild’s curiosity. These aspects of life are presented in a manner designed to bring laughter, contemplation, and spiritual reflection to the reader through recognition of events pertinent to the human experience.

“The Gift of Grandchildren was written with the idea of God’s gift of life being very special for those parents who have entered the realm of becoming a grandparent. It is not only part of God’s plan but a glorious aspect of the cycle of life.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Gene Koester’s new book is a personal testament to the blessings that come with grandchildren.

With personal stories and an encouraging tone, Koester’s expression of love for grandparenthood is one that will resonate with many who have had the honor of being promoted to grandparent.

View a synopsis of “The Gift of Grandchildren” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “The Gift of Grandchildren” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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