Author Tracy Frielinghausen’s newly released “Paul the Doll” follows a young girl who discovers who God is and how he helps his faithful children in surprising ways

“Paul the Doll” from Christian Faith Publishing author Tracy Frielinghausen is a faith-based tale that follows a young girl who learns about God and prayer for the first time from her teacher. Rushing home, she prays to God to fix her doll, and he does so by answering her prayer in an unexpected way. “Paul […]

Tee Jackson’s newly released “Legacies Do Matter! What will your legacy be?” is an enjoyable challenge to grow in faith and live in fulfillment of God’s plan

“Legacies Do Matter! What will your legacy be?” from Christian Faith Publishing author Tee Jackson is a thoughtful resource for personal or group discussion that will challenge and inspire readers to seek a deeper connection with God. “Legacies Do Matter! What will your legacy be?”: a warmhearted discussion of what one is remembered for. “Legacies […]

Pamela Green’s newly released “Can’t Stop Destiny” is an engaging Christian romance that finds two hearts that won’t deny a true connection

“Can’t Stop Destiny” from Christian Faith Publishing author Pamela Green is an exhilarating tale of destined love that finds two determined professionals on a crash-course for connection following years of separation. “Can’t Stop Destiny”: an exciting journey of faith, home, and unexpected love. “Can’t Stop Destiny” is the creation of published author Pamela Green, a […]

Author Ron Wilson launches a new press campaign for ‘Joseph Akeroyd: rediscovering a prison reformer’

Book provides a fresh insight into the nature of prison system in Victoria, Australia from 1924 to 1947 Ron Wilson, in his first literary offering titled “Joseph Akeroyd: rediscovering a prison reformer” (published by Xlibris AU), combines the historical and contemporary experiences of prison reformers and prison education practitioners to provide unique insights into the […]

David Wonderlich’s newly released “Out of Darkness Into the Light” is a powerful story of survival during a winter canoeing accident

“Out of Darkness Into the Light” from Christian Faith Publishing author David Wonderlich is an inspiring story of one man’s fight for survival during a near-death experience that takes readers on a powerful journey of spiritual awareness. “Out of Darkness Into the Light”: a powerful parapsychological discussion. “Out of Darkness Into the Light” is the […]

Author Patti Hamilton’s new book “The Adventures of Buster P.Q. Jones” follows the incredible tale of a curious puppy that never gives up on his search for new friends

Recent release “The Adventures of Buster P.Q. Jones” from Page Publishing author Patti Hamilton is an adorable story that centers around a bulldog puppy named Buster who sets off to make new friends and play all day long. Despite everyone being too busy to play, Buster stays encouraged and vows to try again tomorrow. Patti […]

Aamie Angel’s newly released “Caught In The Storm” is an uplifting message of hope and comfort for those facing challenging circumstances in any form

“Caught In The Storm” from Christian Faith Publishing author Aamie Angel is a thoughtful balance of personal reflection and relevant scripture that will aid readers in keeping faith during trying times. Caught In The Storm”: a potent reminder of God’s plan and the need to trust in better days ahead. “Caught In The Storm” is […]

Psalmist Cheryl A. Boone’s newly released “Be Encouraged” is an inspiring collection of poetic works.

“Be Encouraged” from Christian Faith Publishing author Psalmist Cheryl A. Boone is an impactful message of God’s hope for all that will challenge and rejuvenate one’s sense of faith. “Be Encouraged”: an uplifting resource for daily spiritual encouragement. “Be Encouraged” is the creation of published author Psalmist Cheryl A. Boone, a dedicated wife, mother, and […]

Author Ed Oetjen’s new book “False Solutions” is a thought-provoking story offering an intriguing image of Satan and his impact on humanity through the ages

Recent release “False Solutions” from Page Publishing author Ed Oetjen is an entertaining work of fiction offering a series of fascinatingly human portraits and a front-row seat to the drama sparked by the presence of Satan and his evil minions in their lives. Ed Oetjen has completed his new book “False Solutions”: a compelling work […]

Tia Austin’s newly released “Walk a Mile with Me” brings readers into the lives of two very different brothers to witness the challenges and victories of life

“Walk a Mile with Me” from Christian Faith Publishing author Tia Austin is a compelling faith-based narrative that finds an older brother determined to care for his younger brother who decides to take a more difficult and dangerous path “Walk a Mile with Me”: an engaging exploration of faith, choice, and family connection. “Walk a […]

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