Walter Pickering’s newly released “1st Corinthians” is a detailed exploration of the information found within Corinthians

Walter Pickering’s newly released “1st Corinthians” is a detailed exploration of the information found within Corinthians

“1st Corinthians”: a detailed exploration of subjects found within the familiar scripture. “1st Corinthians” is the creation of published author Walter Pickering, an Army veteran who enlisted at sixteen years old, with the Army Draft Board convinced that Walter was already eighteen at the time. After serving five years, he returned home and married Carolyn Davis in 1965. He then finished his high school education. After graduation, he entered Tennessee Temple College in 1970 and obtained a BA degree in 1977. Walter passed away in 2020.

Pickering shares, “First Corinthians is a letter about subjects. Paul visited Corinth around AD 50, about twenty years after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. His visit to Corinth was during his second missionary journey. He stayed in Corinth eighteen months to establish a church, then left and went to Ephesus. A prominent church member of the Church of Corinth named Chloe wrote Paul a letter about subjects they did not understand. In turn, Paul, under the inspiration of God, gave answers to those subjects in his epistle we call 1 Corinthians. So 1 Corinthians is a letter about subjects—subjects such as: God’s Plan of Salvation, Celibacy, Singleness, Marriage, Sex, Divisions in the Church, Living the Christian Life, Going to Court, Marriage and Divorce, Offending a Weaker Brother or Sister in Christ, Love and Christianity, Prophesy, Women Preachers, Giving to the Church, Long and Short Hair, and many, many more intriguing subjects you can find in the contents section at the beginning of this book.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Walter Pickering’s new book is a detailed examination of many important topics found within this key portion of scripture.

With technical explanations and relevant excerpts quoted throughout, readers will find a definitive discussion of Corinthians.

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