Larry Mognet’s newly released “Where Is God in Our Unjust Justice System? My True Story” is an engaging memoir that explores loss and unshakeable faith

“Where Is God in Our Unjust Justice System? My True Story” from Christian Faith Publishing author Larry Mognet is a personal discussion of life, faith, and family that will resonate with many who have struggled through unexpected tribulations.

“Where Is God in Our Unjust Justice System? My True Story”: a heartfelt celebration of all God has done despite the struggle. “Where Is God in Our Unjust Justice System? My True Story” is the creation of published author Larry Mognet.

Mognet shares, “In this book, the author shares things about his life. Some of these things that happened were intentional wrongs done to him by his family and the justice system. Here he opens his life experiences and his heart to the readers to let them know that there is truth. There is a real God, the triune God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Throughout the book, the author relates to the reader and addresses the question, ‘Where is God?’

“In our world today, many people are so caught up in the things of everyday life or continual affliction and depression that the circumstances make them believe that there is no God or that God has abandoned them. It is not true but what the evil one wants you to believe. Many of our friends and family are bombarded with deceit to keep us from having a relationship with God. The deceit in politics, the news, the federal, and international agencies that are pushing us toward a one-world order and religion. Those people do not want you to know God! They want you to believe that they are God.

“The author uses his life to show you, dear reader, that they do not care about you but that the true God does. You see how there were times when it seemed that there was no hope, there was. There were times when doctors could not help, God did. Through everything that happened, you will see that you, too, can have that hope, that relationship with God. In your darkest hour, He is right there with you, and you are not alone.

“Friend, to say that God is not who He says He is or that God is not with you is a lie from the evil one. Yes, it is what he wants you to believe, and it is still a lie from the pit of hell. You may not know it, but Jesus is constantly praying for you to the Father, and the Holy Spirit is right beside you either knocking at your heart’s door or living inside you if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior. That is the truth. If you have not invited Jesus into your life to be your savior so you can live eternity with him, I invite you to do so right now. Understand that the things of this life are going to pass away, and we are closer than ever before to being caught up to meet Jesus in the air and be with Him forever.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Larry Mognet’s new book shares an intimate story of personal and spiritual warfare.

Mognet shares in hopes of encouraging others to keep the faith as they work through their own trials to find fulfillment in God.

Consumers can purchase “Where Is God in Our Unjust Justice System? My True Story” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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