Adeshina Aderogba’s newly released “The Truth” is an impactful discussion of faith and one’s life journey.

Adeshina Aderogba’s newly released “The Truth” is an impactful discussion of faith and one’s life journey.

“The Truth” from Christian Faith Publishing author Adeshina Aderogba is an engaging exploration of the author’s personal experiences and reflections on what limits a person from living in promise through God’s grace.

“The Truth”: a potent call to all who find themselves feeling trapped in the failures of the past. “The Truth” is the creation of published author Adeshina Aderogba.

Aderogba shares, “The world we all lived is without ending; buying an item with no benefit is a waste. The Truth as we know is about the recipes made by God to be used by each one of us to tackle any challenges facing our daily life. We need to come together to find solutions to unforeseen and situation around us. Therefore, you buying this book is to be part of changing the world with the Word of God. To travel to unknown places to changing the life to unknown children for better. To decrease or eliminate hatred that shall regenerate the act of lovingness and kindness. You are one of the chosen who shall release thousands of children from hardship of burden living life. He knows you better than you do, to helping Him building a bigger kingdom for the next generation. There are wicked minds and souls around the world, but you have been prepared by the Heavenly Host to change them for the kingdom uses. You have been chosen among those who will bring the newest education transformation into many villages in the world. Please be aware that to build this new bridge, we absolutely needed one another. Your strength into this journey makes every possibility a reality. My believe, my faith, my trust, and my waiting time with God is all about you all! The possibility of new home for the elders, new library, hospitals, and schools are best things of life for communities in the world. These and many others can be achieved by our coming together and do our best. The seeds coming from you shall lay a solid foundation toward the tasks ahead of us.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Adeshina Aderogba’s new book will challenge and empower readers to reexamine their faith and understanding of God’s intentions.

Aderogba shares in hopes of helping others break the cycle and step forward in faith.

Consumers can purchase“The Truth” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “The Truth,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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