June Schaufus’s newly released “The Sales Planner” is an encouraging resource for tracking and projecting one’s goals and intentions

“The Sales Planner” from Christian Faith Publishing author June Schaufus is a helpful tool for anyone seeking to refine a more productive schedule that promotes healthy and structured habits.

“The Sales Planner”: a creative planner that encourages growth. “The Sales Planner” is the creation of published author June Schaufus, a dedicated military wife and mother of two. Schaufus is a sales leader with previous experience across business intelligence and applications, data integration technology, and engineering software sales.

Schaufus shares, “The Sales Planner will be a part of your organizational journey with the reward of finding routine and spontaneity. Routines give a sense of stability to work through life’s every process with intention. Being organized will give you clarity during the open spaces to find much-needed joy in the pauses and nurture the ability to masterfully deal with beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) surprises that come up more often than we expect.

“How exactly do you create a blend of these two paradoxical concepts? You plan for both. As you begin to stack up good habits around the same time of the day, you will be able to gain muscle memory to do them with much less effort. After establishing well-stacked habits, your body and mind will no longer question the flow. One thing will naturally come after the next, and your energy will be focused on the critically important.

“There’s a caveat. Habit flows can be interrupted by drastic situational changes (e.g. a pandemic, job transitions, etc.). Having a reliable planner will help you keep your focus on what matters—your life mission, goals, and continuous growth to get back into a rhythm that works for you.

“Preparation is just as important as execution. Over the last decade, the biggest sales wins I’ve been a part of and witnessed did not happen by accident. They involved a whole lot of skill around assessing, prioritizing, and executing a highly disciplined process sprinkled with a little bit of ‘right time, right place’.

“I have used many planners and have had to re-format them to fit my sales goals aligned with what I value. Eventually, I resorted to printing and spring-binding my own. One day, I thought publishing my planner may be an easier solution. I can share a resource that helped me win multi-million dollar deals and save myself trips to Office Depot.

“The Sales Planner is intended for all intentional sellers and entrepreneurs striving to prepare and execute well. It’s a tool that will help synchronize strategy with the tactical day-to-day tasks while keeping one’s life values front and center.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, June Schaufus’s new book is a unique resource for personal and business planning.

Schaufus shares in hopes of helping others to nurture and maintain strong habits to achieve long-term goals through incremental planning.

Consumers can purchase “The Sales Planner” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “The Sales Planner,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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